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you deserve to feel great! everybody has the postential to be healthy, happy and whole. yoga is a time tested technique, used for 1000's of years to bring people into perfect health.

all of our yoga teachers and yoga therapists are trained and certified. we are proud to offer the milwaukee county and beyond high quality classes and services.

Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy uses the ancient science of yoga to enhance the health & wellness at all levels of the person: physical, emotional and spiritual. It is applicable to groups or individuals with specific health challenges or injuries, those who are going through life changes or those who are simply striving for optimal health.
The healing journey is unique to each individual. Yoga therapy selects, adapts and modifies the practice appropriately for each individual with respect to specific physical and emotional challenges, age and culture/religion in order to facilitate health and healing of the body and mind.

What will a Yoga Therapy session include?
Part of the Yoga Therapy process is an initial intake session, which allows the therapist to develop a therapeutic program that will meet your specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Each session will vary for each individual or group. Session(s) may include, but are not limited to: centering/body awareness, chakra assessment, prana vayu (energy currents) assessment, pranayama (breathwork), therapeutic mudras (hand gestures/seals), asana (postures), guided imagery/Yoga Nidra, meditation and affirmation or Sankalpa (to be developed during therapy process).

How much does Yoga therapy cost?
Yoga therapy is very similar in pricing to a visit to a massage therapist or acupuncturist. An initial intake session is required in Yoga Therapy and is included in each of the session prices. Intake sessions last 1 hour and can be done at the studio or in the comfort of your home.

60 Minute Session:
Intake session + (1) 60 minute session = $90
Intake session + (3) 60 minute sessions = $255
Intake session + (6) 60 minute sessions = $480

90 Minute Session:

Intake session + (1) 90 minute session = $135
Intake session + (3) 90 minute sessions = $390
Intake session + (6) 90 minute sessions = $750

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